Dominic Piers Smith Pianist
BBC Music
.....'Though he can unleash tsunamis of sound it's never at the expense of a beautiful tone (he has, indeed, a quite exceptional grasp of pianistic colour). His palette, while always idiomatic, is essentially orchestral in character. He is a painter, not a jeweller, though he is capable, too, of great delicacy....'

.....'Dominic creates an atmospheric aura of wistful introspection with unfussy phrasing and a singing tone... I salute this exceptionally gifted part-timer!'

Musical Opinion
.....'surely one of the most astonishing of any pianist in recent years......intensely musical playing, allied to a consummate virtuosity and a self-evident love of the music'

Timothy Walker, London Philharmonic Orchestra Chief Executive and Artistic Director
.....'fantastic pianistic ability'

Jonathon King, Music Critic
.....'his performance was notable for a complete lack of histrionics, but certainly not of could one follow that?'

Gordon Fergus-Thompson, Concert Pianist
.....'dramatic and engaging; an impressive grasp of sonority'

Barry Wordsworth, Conductor
.....'Dominic not only impressed the distinguished panel of judges with his dynamic and expressive performance of Debussy and Chopin, but also the live audience who voted him as winner of the prestigious 'Audience Favourite' award. Our decision was unanimous. What incredible technique and what a wonderful evening.'

Dominic Piers Smith Pianist